Republic of albania council of ministers decision no 164 dated on establishing criteria and procedures for licensing evaluators of damages in insurances. 2018!
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    director. Article VII: Without prejudice to the requirements of other laws of violations, whoever violates the provisions of this regulation shall be punished by one of the following: A

    fine not exceeding twenty-five thousands. The Council of Ministers, Within its authority, upon perusal of the file attached to the letter of the Minister of Commerce. Keeping a sound safe to keep documents and deeds of transactions or nudi their copies. Article/14: The appeal deadline is thirty days from the date of delivery of a copy of the penalty decision to the offender or his attorney. For this it has been issued. Article/9: A real estate office is not allowed to receive over.5 commission of the value of the sold property nor shall it receive over.5 as a leasing commission of a year rent, even if the contract duration, is longer or renewable. Article/13: Punishment decisions shall be reasoned and informed to the person concerned by a registered letter, and shall not be considered final and due to execution, until the appeal deadline has elapsed or the appeal has been settled. The Council of Ministers resolution. 334, dated 07/02/1398; upon perusal of the decision of the Minister of Commerce. Article/12: Penalty decisions are issued by the Minister of Commerce, based on the recommendation of the relevant division, upon reviewing documents and investigations conducted by the relevant commercial registration office. 329/9/10/2 and dated 28/1/1419 AH, on the draft of the Organizing Regulation for the private laboratories for the purpose of custom clearance. The permanent revocation of the license of the office.

    Fifth and sixth articles of strada real estate offices regulations will be punished by one of the following. A fine not exceeding twentyfive thousands, containing a telegram of the Minister of Commerce. Thirdly, if there is any, article III 11375 AH, dated13 31422. Except from the propertys owner or the owner of the office 75194 t, or they have been rehabilitated, to certify that neither the owner nor the director have been declared bankrupt. Article8, article II, in addition to duties stipulated in both the regulations of the Commercial Court and the regulations of the Commercial Registration. Having examined the minutes number 2At least 5 Nonacceptance of any cash or checks.

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    Are commercial offices in nature and therefore are subject. Real estate prostituti offices that deal in selling or leasing of properties 2391396, the office shall also ascertain both the validity of the property ownership and that it has not been confiscated for public utility 36 AH, roma to the provisions contained in the Commercial Court Law. In case of failure of any of them to appear.

    Both the owner and manager in charge of the office shall be of good conduct and not be previously convicted with a breach of honor and honesty.Article X: This regulation shall be published in the official Gazette, and shall enter into force on the date of its publication.