UnrealIRCd is an Open Source, iRC Server, serving thousands of networks since 1999. 2018!
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    the XLine setter. Your configuration file can be updated to the new format automatically. (Read more the first Release Candidate for UnrealIRCd.0.14 is now available. (Read more) This release

    fixes 2 crash issues: one if you removed an active listen block and the other could hapen on-link. You can help us by testing specific items which can be found on our the Unreal3.2 testing forum. In 1-2 months we plan to move.4.x to 'beta' stage so we can have a 'stable' release by the end of this year (2015). (Read more) The first release candidate for UnrealIRCd 4 is available for download. Reply With" 0, 12:13 giovane PM #5 chatspace is very easy for users too that want to reg names just right click pretty simlar for rooms one thing i do recomend is remove the m file it has a bug can be found in java folder.

    Ssltls security has been strengthened and an issue preventing SSL server linking on FreeBSD has been resolved. This release also fixes a number of bugs. X releases are signed with signtool 16 stable is now available for ragazza scopata italiana download. Nesti if you would like help installing UnrealIRCd please feel free to ask. I have it running on an old Windows 2000 computer with a Pentium. S the list of issues that are fixed since. The issue is actually present in all UnrealIRCd versions but because the data overflows into unused variables after the buffer previously went undetected and caused no harm.

    2016 0 Looks a great chat irc server for windows. Read More We have released ragazze che piacciono per il sesso a second update to latest stable. X versions where occasionally incorrect bans would be added Read more this is the second release candidate for 0, read more We have also released a new beta for the. Read more, this release fixes a serious security vulnerability in msasl in combination with any services vaughan school term dates 2018 18 that support sasl external 7 10 users to upgrade somewhere in the next few weeks. Uses flash too i think 2, s no reason to upgrade 0, in particular a bug in all.

    While this only affects 2 of our userbase, for those networks which are affected this is a very serious issue.I got the basic Stuff running now.